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be inspired

be inspired

Blank walls can be a little intimidating.
Start imagining your space's new look by
drawing inspiration from these designer
arrangments. Plus, read on to get tips
on just what you can do with your
Command™ Décor damage-free wall

add unique touches

add unique touches

What unique finds do you have on
display? Antlers? Old jewelry? Vintage
photos? Use damage-free Command™
Hooks, Clips and Strips to arrange with
your panels. See how your panels can
work harmoniously with your

play with color

play with color

Try out counterintuitive and daring color combinations by pairing shades you don't usually see together. You just might surprise yourself.

command décor living room
have fun with textures

have fun with textures

Some textures are bold and strong
while others are soft and muted. Try
creating contrast by bringing different
types of patterns and textures together.

make it yours

make it yours

Grab some of our customizable panels and get your hands dirty. Draw with chalk, add your favorite photo — see what happens! You can also use our Command™ Décor Riser to add dimension to your arrangment.

command décor be inspired 2
rework small spaces

rework small spaces

Got an itty bitty space? No problem!
A small space doesn't mean you can't think big.

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