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How to create more storage space for kids toys
No Toy Storage?

Toy Storage for Small Spaces

Command™ Brand

It’s no secret that toys and books can quickly become unruly when you have young kids. Introduce some order to your child’s bedroom or playroom with these super-smart toy storage ideas. Think hanging hooks, spring clips and damage-free shelving. The best part: when you’re ready to take it all down or move it around, it’ll come off cleanly. You can thank us later.

Materials needed:


  • 1. Hang flat baskets

    Embrace the power of storage baskets to corral household chaos. When floor space is tight, think vertically and hang flat baskets on Command™ Clear Large Hooks, making sure each basket is flush against the wall as it hangs.

  • Hang baskets on Command™ Clear Large Hooks
  • 2. Stack books on shelves

    Create an eye-catching book wall by stacking Command™ Quartz Picture Ledges. With all of the book illustrations visible, that adorably functional shelving doubles as an art piece.

  • Create a book wall with Command™ Quartz Picture Ledges
  • 3. Make a mini art gallery

    A string of baker’s twine between two Command™ Clear Medium Hooks, plus a set of  Command™ Quartz Spring Clips are all you need to beautifully display your child’s artistic masterpieces. Over time you can easily swap items, or hang multiple strings to add family photos, sports certificates and words of encouragement.

  • Display artwork on string with Command™ Quartz Spring Clips


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