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Summer Porch

Summer Essentials for a Porch or Patio

Command™ Brand

Retool your front porch to host a summer gathering that’s cool and casual. Trendy bar carts allow for entertaining in places other than the backyard, plus Command™ Brand’s Outdoor line makes it easier than ever to decorate exterior spaces. Go ahead: celebrate the season.

Materials needed:


  • 1. Bring a bar cart outside for those refreshing summertime sips. Hang a cocktail strainer on the side with an Outdoor Stainless Steel Wire Hook. The specially designed outdoor adhesive can handle temperature extremes from -20 degrees F to 125 degrees F, and similar to all Command™ Brand products, it removes cleanly.

  • Bar Cart
  • 2. Welcome guests with a well-placed wreath. The Outdoor Large Metallic Bronze Hook looks polished and sophisticated, and won’t damage your door upon removal. Try it for hanging signs, thermometers, artwork and other décor on a variety of smooth outdoor surfaces, such as siding or trim.

  • Front Door
  • 3. Strings of pretty bistro lights can help set the party mood. Adhere Outdoor Light Clips around a door or window, up the siding, under the soffits—even along a gutter. Use one clip for every 2 feet of lights. Tip: Make sure your surface is clean and dry before application. To clean, use a cloth dampened with water or isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Do not use household cleaners.

  • Bistro Lights

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