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How to Create a Staircase Gallery Wall Using Command Picture Hanging Strips

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Tell your family story using Command Picture Hanging Strips and create a beautiful staircase gallery wall filled with personal photos and cherished artwork. Hanging picture frames becomes easy to put up and rearrange over and over with Command™ Picture Hanging products. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later, because upon removal, there’s no damage to walls. Do. No Harm.

Staircase Gallery Wall Materials Needed:

How to Hang Picture Frames to Create a Staircase Gallery Wall:

  • 1. Determine the best place for your staircase gallery wall to begin. We began at the top of a staircase with a canvas and Large Canvas Hanger.

  • Large Canvas Hanger
  • 2. Choose the rest of your frames and artwork, keeping in mind the weight restrictions for each set of Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. Small strips hold most 8" x 10" frames, medium strips hold most 18" x 24" frames and large strips hold most 24" x 36" frames. The beauty of the Black Medium Picture Hanging Strips is they blend seamlessly with dark frames.

  • Picture Hanging Strips
  • 3. The Picture Hanging Kit has adhesive solutions that work with a variety of frames, including those with sawtooth hangers and wires on the back. It’s the perfect excuse to mix and match frame types and styles.

  • Picture Hanging Kit
  • 4. When you’re ready to take down or move your pictures, the strips, hooks and hangers come off cleanly. They’re super-reliable, stress-free decorating solutions!

  • Easy Removal

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