1. Stairway Photo Collage
Tim Gunn standing in front of framed family photos on a wall.

Stairway Photo Collage

The wall space along your stairway is a great place to tell your family's story. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips go up easy and come down damage-free, so you can change up your staircase collage with each new chapter.

Close up of Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

Step One: Pick Your Portraits

  • Half the fun is reminiscing. Go through your family photos to choose your favorites, but don't get carried away-there's only so much space along the stairs. Remember, not all photos have to be perfectly posed. The things that make your family unique will do the same for your staircase collage.

Step Two: Prearrange

  • Plan your staircase collage by laying your pictures out on the floor or a large table. Some even find it helpful to cut craft paper into shapes that reflect your photos' dimensions.

Step Three: Level Up

  • It's important for your wall arrangement's angle to match that of your stairs. Use ScotchBlue™ Original Painter's Tape to create a diagonal guide that's as close to parallel with your stairs as possible. For accuracy, test it with a level. Most smartphones have a level app.

Tim Gunn looking at stairway portraits

Step Four: Show it Off

  • Take your family for a walk down, or up, memory lane.


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