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Scarf-Wrapped Wreath

Scarf-Wrapped Wreath

Brought to you by Command™ Brand & Ampersand Design Studio

Fashion can be the most fun way to stay on top of the trends, so we decided we’d incorporate one of our favorite fashion accessories into our Holiday home decor. Scarves frequently have great patterns and texture, so find the perfect one and we will show you how to turn it into a Holiday wreath to hang on your front door!

Materials needed:

    • Command™ Outdoor Large Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hook
    • Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Titanium Scissors
    • Styrofoam wreath form
    • Large [buffalo plaid] mid-weight scarf [the one we used is approximately 80" x 26"]
    • Burlap ribbon [gingham]
    • A pine sprig
    • A small branch of red berries
    • Twine
    • T-pins

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed


  • To Prep:
  • To Prep:

    If you chose a large width scarf as we did, it might be easiest to cut your scarf in half lengthwise so you have two long strips of fabric. If your scarf is thinner material or not as wide, keep it intact!

  • Instructions:

    1. Begin by pinning the end of the scarf to the back of the styrofoam wreath form.

  • Step 1


  • 2. Start wrapping your scarf around the wreath form, gradually covering the form as you go around. Continue wrapping until you meet up with the other end of your scarf. Depending on the size wreath form and scarf you have picked, you may need to use two pieces of scarf or trim the scarf if you have excess.

  • Step 2
  • 3. Pin the end of the scarf on the back side of the form to finish the scarf-wrapping.

  • Step 3
  • 4. Pick a place on the wreath that you would like to be the top center and pin the pine sprig first, then berries branch in place on top of one another. Make sure you trim or fold the bottom of the branches so they will not be seen once the top ribbon is applied.

  • Step 4
  • 5. Take the twine and tie it around the wreath in two places, about 3 inches apart, with a loop of twine between them. Make sure these are sturdy knots as this is what the wreath will actually hang from. Trim the ends.

  • Step 5
  • 6. Take a piece of the burlap ribbon and lace it through your twine loop. Trim at just the size to wrap around the wreath form and pin it to the back of the wreath. This piece ensures that the twine will not show.

  • Step 6
  • 7. Next, take a long piece of the burlap ribbon (we used about 60” but it depends on your wreath size) and thread it under the burlap loop, just as you did before, but this time, tie the pieces is a large knot on the front of the wreath. Adjust the knot to your liking and let the ribbon tails hang down.

  • Step 7
  • 8. Trim the ends of the burlap ribbon at a slight angle inward. Your wreath is complete!

  • Step 8
  • 9. The last, and easiest step, is simply to hang your wreath on the front door. Apply the Command™ Outdoor Large Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hook to your door following the proper instructions on the package. Then hang your wreath with the twine loop!

    EXPERT TIP: We chose gingham and a buffalo check plaid, but the possibilities are endless! Play with your own mix of patterns and wreath accessories!

  • Step 9

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