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Printable Wall Art Hero

Printable Wall Art

Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed

Try this simple way to refresh your entire room. This project involves printing bright-colored posters and mounting them in frames on the wall using Command™ Picture Hanging Strips.

Materials Needed:


  • 1. Download one or both of our printable posters (we chose Always Weekending and Everything is Awesome). Take the file to your local print shop and have them create your large, color prints. Insert the printed posters into your frames.

  • Insert Poster Into Frame
  • 2. As described on the Command packaging, clean the surfaces where you’d like to adhere your picture hanging strips.

  • Clean Surfaces
  • 3. Apply the strips to the back of your frame.

  • Apply Strips to Frame
  • 4. Remove the liner from the other side of the strip and press firmly onto the wall, as directed on the packaging.

  • Press onto Wall
  • 5. After you finish hanging the frames, step back to check their placement on the wall.

  • Check Placement
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