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DIY Macrame Bird Feeder

DIY Macrame Bird Feeder

Chelsea Foy, Lovely Indeed

Use the Command™ Outdoor Stainless Steel Wire Hook to hang a modern bird feeder made with macrame cord and a recycled bottle.

Materials needed:

  • - Command™ Outdoor Stainless Steel Wire Hooks

    - clear bottle

    - hummingbird feeder tube with stopper

    - macrame cord

    - scissors

    - water and sugar

    - spray paint (optional)

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed


  • First Loop
  • 1. Tie a loop of cord wide enough to fit snugly around the neck of your bottle. Tie a square knot -- first tie the right side over the left, then the left side over the right. Trim the ends of the knot.

  • 2. Cut four lengths of cord, about 3 yards each. Fold these in half. Take the first cord and place the halfway point over the loop you made. Pull the ends of that cord underneath the loop and through itself, securing it to the loop. Pull taut. Repeat this step with each of the other three lengths of cord. Fit the original loop over the neck of the bottle. The four cords should be evenly spaced around the four sides of the loop. Now you should have four sets of two lengths of cord each.

  • Four Loops
  • 3. Take the cord on the right of one set; from the set to its right, take the cord on the left. Tie these two cords together with a square knot, about 2-3 inches from the previous square knots. Apply this process with the rest of the sets of cord. Repeat this step with another round of square knots; you'll start to see a net pattern appearing in the cords.

  • Net Pattern
  • 4. Taking two cords from one set, loop the right cord around the left, under, and through itself. Pull taut. Repeat this over and over until you reach the end of the right cord. You'll see a spiral pattern being created. Once you reach the end, trim the tail of the cord. Repeat with the other three sets of cord.

  • Spiral Pattern
  • 5. Take all cords and tie them in a knot a few inches above the ends of the spirals, leaving a loop at the top from which to hang the feeder.

  • Top Knot
  • 6. Spray paint sections of the cord (with the bottle removed) to create some colorful sections (optional). After the cord is dry, fill the bottle with 1 part sugar and 4 parts water. Insert the feeder tube in the bottle and put the bottle in the macrame hanger.

  • Spray Painted Hanger
  • 7. Clean the surface of the area where you'd like to hang your Command™ Outdoor Stainless Steel Wire Hooks. Apply the hook onto the surface for 30 seconds. After letting the adhesive sit for one hour, hang your hummingbird feeder!

  • Hanging Macrame Bird Feeder
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