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Lunch Box Pantry

Lunch Box Pantry

Command™ Brand

Make mornings flow a little easier in your house; organize lunch boxes and snacks on the pantry back door. Keep your kitchen neat and tidy and your family self sufficient. With Command™ Brand Hooks you can adjust the height of your hooks and caddies as your family grows so things are always within reach.

Materials needed:


  • 1. To create a location to store lunch boxes and snacks for the family, identify a wall or cabinet door in the kitchen, such as the inside door of the pantry.

  • Step 1
  • 2. Paint the center of each wood plaque with chalkboard paint, and paint the perimeter of the plaque with a colored paint that matches your decor.

    When the chalkboard paint is dry, write each child or family member’s name on the center of the plaque with a chalk pen.

  • Step 2
  • 3. Prep the wall or pantry door by cleaning the wall area with isopropyl alcohol, wiping gently and letting it dry completely.

  • Step 3
  • 4. Depending on the weight of the plaque, use one or two Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips to hang it on your wall or door. Make a set using two strips and press the fasteners together until they snap. Remove one green liner, position the strip onto the center of the back of the plaque, and press firmly. Remove the other green liner from the Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strip, position the plaque onto the wall or door, and press firmly onto the surface for 30 seconds.

    Remove the plaque from the wall or door by slowly pulling the plaque from the bottom and pulling straight towards you. Wait one hour to mount the plaque, pressing the fasteners together until they click.

  • Step 4
  • 5. Below each wooden name plaque, hang a Command™ Terrace Hook to hang each lunch box.

  • Step 5
  • 6. Remove the black liner from the adhesive strip and press the hook firmly to wall. For maximum holding strength, slide the hook up and off the wall, and press the base to the wall firmly for 30 seconds. Slide the hook back onto the base and wait one hour before hanging the lunch boxes, one from each hook.

  • Step 6
  • 7. Hang a Command™ Clear Large Caddy beneath each lunch box to hold snacks for each member of the family. To hang the caddy, remove the blue liners from the adhesive strips and press into place onto the caddy. Then remove the black liner from each adhesive strip and press the caddy to the wall. Reach inside the organizer and press each strip to the wall firmly for 30 seconds.

  • Step 7
  • 8. Add a decorative “snacks” label to the center of each Command™ Clear Large Caddy.

  • Step 8
  • 9. Wait one hour before filling the Command™ Clear Large Caddy with kid’s favorite lunch treats for each day of the week.

  • Step 9

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