1. Life on the Ledge
Tim Gunn standing in front of a living room wall with a picture ledge.
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Liven Things Up With Command™ Picture Ledge

Nowhere is it written that pictures have to go directly on the wall. Why not create mini galleries or add a few less traditional art pieces to your walls? Command™ Picture Ledges are here to help you create a stunning ensemble that features both.

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Command™ picture ledge with two wedding photographs on it.
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Step One: Make it You

  • If you’re looking for something truly you, try layering two picture ledges, vertically. And remember, the pictures needn’t line up perfectly. Feel free to stagger or overlap. It makes things interesting to look at.

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Step Two: Be Different

  • Arranging assorted pieces on the ledge, like memorabilia, art picture frames or small trinkets can add a unique twist to your wall décor.

Command™ picture ledge with a picture frame and trinkets.
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Step Three: Pat Yourself on the Back

  • A one-of-a-kind ledge arrangement is something you can be proud of. Feel free to snap a pic and post it to all of your social channels. The likes, loves and repins are about to come rolling in.


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