1. How to Add Plant Life to Your Walls
Tim Gunn in front of wall with plants on Command Display Ledges
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How to Add Plant Life to Your Walls

It's no secret that indoor plant life can really brighten your mood, especially during the winter months. Let's bring the outdoors indoors by lining your walls with plant life and herbs using Command™ Display Ledges.

Command Display Ledge on wall with plant on it

Step One: Choose Your Plants

  • Just like your furniture and traditional wall décor, your plant wall will be a part of the overall aesthetic. With that in mind, before even considering which plants to choose, take a good look at your current décor. Does it have a specific style or color palette? If so, choose plants that will complement the room.

Step Two: Claim a Space

  • Choose the perfect wall for your plants. Often, a southern - or eastern - facing window is helpful for plants that need a lot of sunlight, like cacti or succulents.

Three Command Display Ledges on wall with plants on them

Step Three: Mix and Match

  • The beauty of combining small potted plants with damage-free Command™ Display Ledges is that you can rearrange your setup as often as you like.

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