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Hanging Wall Terrariums Hero

Hanging Wall Terrariums

Monica Mangin, East Coast Creative

Create a hanging terrarium plant wall for a dorm space. This project involves hanging plants and small terrariums using Command™ Crystal Hooks.

Materials needed:

  • – Command™ Medium and Large Crystal Hooks

    – Air plants or small succulents and dirt

    – Lightweight glass terrarium globes or small pots/planters

    – Twine or macramé cord


    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Hanging Wall Terrariums Materials



  • 1. Choose any section of a room that could serve as your designated plant gallery wall. If you’ve just painted your wall surface, make sure you wait 7 days before starting to add in these organizational elements.

  • Choose wall surface
  • 2. Separate and attach the adhesive strips to the back of a Command™ Crystal Hook, making sure to attach the non-wall side to the back of the Gripper. Press firmly.

  • Apply strips to hook
  • 3. Peel back the wall side adhesive backing and press firmly onto wall surface, placing the hooks at varying levels to create a dynamic array of your hanging terrariums.

  • Press hooks onto wall
  • 4. Measure out some twine or macramé cord for your terrarium globes and small pots. Start by cutting 4-6 long pieces of twine, then fold them in half and tie at one end with a knot to form a loop from which you will hang your plant. Take two adjacent strands and knot them together, and continue around until you have all strands knotted to another. Continue to tie these adjacent strands together until you form a net with the twine or cord. Tie the knots close together for smaller planters, and more spread apart for larger vessels. Place your plants, and style as desired

  • Create terrariums
  • 5. Air plants are super great choices for this project, as they really only need AIR! Spray them with a bit of water every now and then, but these little plants are pretty self sufficient, and look really great. Use additional Command™ Crystal hooks to hang your terrariums and watch your plant gallery wall come to life!

  • Add air plants

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