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Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas with Command™ Products

Easy Ideas to Decorate a Mantel

Command™ Brand

A fireplace is an instant focal point, so give your mantel and surrounding space the chic, damage-free makeover it deserves. Consider a Scandinavian design aesthetic with black-and-white statement pieces and subtle touches of natural elements. Throw in chunky knits, and you’ll have a cozy oasis to entertain guests or relax after a long day.

Materials Needed

Materials needed:

Hang garland on Command™ Clear Large Hooks

1. Add greenery to your space

  • Greenery is a color for all seasons, and we love seeing it throughout the home. Display an eye-catching garland with Command™ Clear Large Hooks. Hang hooks on the side of a fireplace mantel, making sure they aren’t directly above the fire.

Secure garland with a Command™ Medium Wire Toggle Hook

2. Enhance the visual appeal

  • To secure the middle of the garland, use a Command™ Medium Wire Toggle Hook on top of the mantel. This setup is ideal for decorating year-round, as you can easily swap garland and banners for holidays, baby showers and other celebrations.

Hang framed prints with Command™ Black Large Picture Hanging Strips

3. Hang artwork without nails

  • Command™ Black Large Picture Hanging Strips make it easier than ever to discreetly display your favorite artwork. Select a lightweight graphic print or two, and use the strips to hold your frames in place.

    The best part: Command™ Products remove cleanly when you’re ready to take your decorations down or add something new.


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