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A decorated classroom wall, including clipboards and a calendar.

Easy Classroom Ideas for Teachers

Have you ever thought about what your dream classroom might look like? With Command™ Brand, it’s easy to reimagine favorite spaces in your room—such as your desk, an art corner or reading hangout—and outfit them with colorful wall decor and organization solutions.

What you need to refresh your classroom

Classroom Materials Needed:

Hang clipboards on Command™ Small Wire Hooks

1. Get organized

Display books on Command™ Picture Ledges

2. Add hooks, books and more

Keep the art corner tidy with Command™ Clear Small Caddies and a Medium Utility Hook

3. Display art supplies and artwork


    classroom classroom_ideas teachers organize organization organization_solutions storage storage_solutions wall_decor small_wire_hooks display_ledges key_rail medium_matte_black_hook picture_ledge spring_clips utility_hooks medium_utility_hook clear_small_caddy clear_medium_hook poster_strips