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How to create a photo booth
Photo booth wall with balloons hung with Command™ Products.

DIY Party Photo Booth

When it comes to hosting parties, success is in the details—but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be over the top. We love the simplicity of this DIY photo booth to capture special moments at graduation parties, birthday bashes and celebrations throughout the year. Follow these easy steps to transform a plain wall into a memorable party experience.

What you need to build a photo booth

Photo Booth Materials Needed:

Build the backdrop using Command™ Clear Medium Hooks

1. Create your backdrop

  • Select a smooth wall or back of a door to build your party photo booth. Hang strands of tassel garland on Command™ Clear Medium Hooks, which seamlessly blend in. These hooks remove cleanly, so as you add decorative layers and want to make it wider or narrower, you can easily move pieces around.

Hang letter balloons with Command™ Ceiling Hooks

2. Add letter balloons

  • Customizable balloons are having a moment. Think graduation year, celebratory phrase, a name—get creative for the guest of honor. String letter balloons together and hang each end from Command™ Ceiling Hooks.

Use Command™ Picture Clips to show off instant pics

3. Make a photo display


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