1. DIY Gallery Wall with Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn standing in front of a bohemian gallery wall.

DIY Gallery Wall

Ready to decorate those blank walls? Command™ Brand Products can help you try a fresh new look, damage-free. In this project, Command™ Picture Hanging Strips will help you turn your vision into a picture gallery wall unlike any other.

Nautical gallery wall.

Step One: Set the Tone

  • When you’re hanging damage-free with Command™ Picture Hanging Products, you have nothing fear. But before you get busy, choose your theme. Is it beachy? Is it rustic? A little planning goes a long way. If you’re struggling with your theme, pick a favorite picture and let its style be your guide.

Close up of Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

Step Two: Make a Plan

  • Clear a space on your floor to plan the perfect layout. First, choose a centerpiece. The picture that sets your tone or any larger piece will work nicely. You’ll design your gallery outward from that focal point.

Step Three: Add Variety

  • Variety is key. Try different shapes and sizes to add dimension. However, make sure your layout maintains balance. A 2 to 3-inch margin between each frame is a good rule of thumb.

Minimalist gallery wall.

Step Four: See the Big Picture

  • When you’re finished hanging your frames, take a step back to look at the big picture. With Command™ Picture Hanging Strips, you can hang, change and rearrange, damage-free.

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