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How to Create an Organized Makeup Vanity
How to Create an Organized Makeup Vanity Video

How to Create an Organized Makeup Vanity

Command™ Brand with Apartment Therapy

Barring maybe a home spa, vanities are the ultimate beauty lover's luxury. Thanks to Command's Damage-Free Hanging Solutions even those of us with tiny apartments can make space for one. Using just a desk, stool, and a few damage-free, wall-mounted designs, we created a modern beauty vanity with an Instagrammable rainbow of colors. Installed in an afternoon, this little niche will make you happy every morning.

Home vanity full of product and scarves.

Materials needed:

Salon-Style Nail Station

1. Start with a Salon-Style Nail & Makeup Station

  • To organize the million little pieces of a beauty regimen, we used the Command™ Quartz Picture Ledge. Each ledge holds up to five pounds; the narrow lip keeps nail polish bottles in line; and the damage-free removal means you can easily move and add ledges as your collection grows.

Artsy Accessory Organization for Necklaces and Scarves

2. Compliment with Artsy Accessory Organization

Accessory organizers are perfect for holding makeup brushes.

3. Accent with Makeup Brush Cups

Hang a mirror with Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to complete your home vanity.

4. Top it off with a Modern Mirror

  • The simple, circular mirror makes this vanity feel modern. To hang it, we used four Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips. We checked the weight restrictions on the set against the mirror and used enough of them to hold it up. (You can combine Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips to meet an object's weight restrictions up to 16 pounds.)

    Each piece of the vanity quickly and painlessly, and the nail polish organization alone makes it worth it. So cute, so cool, so easy.


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