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How to Create a Dog Command Center
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How to Create a Dog Command Center

Command™ Brand with Apartment Therapy

Anyone who lives with dogs knows who's really the master of the house. You can, however, take back some control in your home by reining in all their stuff. Stepping on a soggy, drool-drenched tennis ball is no way to start your morning. Instead of letting your house go to the dogs, keep it together by keeping all their toys and treats in one tidy spot. All it takes are a few easy-to-install organizers from Command™ Brand.

Messy Dog Bed with Toys

Materials needed:

Command™ Slate Picture Ledge application

1. Install a Command™ Picture Ledge

  • First, put up the Command™ Slate Picture Ledge by following all package instructions. Installation is easy, there are no tools or nails required, and it won't damage your walls. Designed to hold up to 5 pounds, it's perfect for tennis balls, pet toys, and maybe even a small pet portrait.

Command™ Slate Picture Ledge with Terrace Hooks

2. Place hooks under the ledge

  • Measure a few inches down from the bottom of the picture ledge, using a level. Measure 2.5" in from each end of the picture ledge and mark with a pencil. Then, space your Command™ Terrace Hooks 4 inches apart. Hang by following the installation instructions on the packaging, and note that the Command™ Terrace Hooks hold up to 3 pounds, so they're perfect for collars and leashes.

Command™ Dry Erase Message Center

3. Hang a place for messages

  • Framed with a slate border, the Command™ Dry Erase Message Center is the perfect place to leave notes for the dog walker or reminders to pick up pet treats. It also includes a little ledge for your marker and three hooks for keys or collars (this one holds up to 2 pounds).

Command™ Satin Nickel Wall and Cabinet Organizers

4. Install some organization

  • We stacked two Command™ Satin and Nickel Cabinet Organizers on top of each other. They're waterproof and rust resistant (they're actually designed to work in the bathroom) so they hold up well against drooly dog toys. Each organizer holds up to 6 pounds, and like all Command™ Products, comes with all you need to hang it. No nails, no mess, no worries!

The perfect spot for your dog to relax.

5. Pull up your pet bed

  • Find a spot for the food and water bowls, and you're all set.

    Of course, your own pet's gear might require a slightly different setup — fewer hooks, perhaps, or more organizers. The combinations are really endless, as long as it works for you, and you can always change it up whenever you want.

    NOTE: If your project requires other Command™ Brand products, make sure to check the package instructions for weight limits and step-by-step installation tips!


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