1. How to Create a Hygge Book Nook
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How to Create a Hygge Book Nook

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Calling all bookworms! Take a cue from the Danish, and invite hygge into your home with these book nook ideas. What’s ‘hygge’? It’s basically the art of being cozy, so pile on the blankets and add the warm glow of twinkling lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Materials needed:

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1. Set the mood

2. Add a shelf for books

  • It’s easier to hit book club deadlines when you have this month’s selection at your fingertips. Go ahead and turn a Command™ Quartz Picture Ledge into a shelf of must-reads—hard copy editions and e-readers welcome!

3. Hang a clock

  • Time flies when you’re engrossed in a page-turner. To keep track of the time, mount a lightweight wall clock with Command™ Black Medium Picture Hanging Strips, which are incredibly strong and versatile for easy, damage-free decorating.


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