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Crafting Supplies Organization Hero

Crafting Supplies Organization

Chelsea Foy, Lovely Indeed

Use the sleek Command™ Satin Nickel organizers to get your crafting supplies in order. Set up is easy, and when you're ready to change up your space, everything comes off damage-free!

Materials needed:


  • 1. Pick a spot on a wall, cabinet door, or inside a cabinet to hang them. Clean the area where you'll be hanging the organizers with isopropyl alcohol as described on the package.

  • Clean area
  • 2. Remove the white tub from the wire rack, separate the hanging strips, and peel off the blue sides. Apply the strips to the hanging area.

  • Hanging Strip Preparation
  • 3. Peel away the black side of the adhesive strips; check that the rack is level, and press onto the area where you'd like to hang it. Press firmly for about 10 seconds.

  • Press Rack onto Wall
  • 4. Slide off the wire rack (pull upward) and press the base again for 30 seconds.

  • Press rack base onto Wall
  • 5. Allow the adhesive to cure for about 24 hours, then slide the wire rack back on and insert the white tub. Fill it with your stuff and high five yourself for being so organized!

  • Fill racks after curing

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