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A cozy, monochrome-colored reading space with a chair, blanket, potted plant, and a couple of shelves on the wall loaded with items.

How to Decorate a Creative Reading Nook using Command™ Picture Ledges.

Command™ Brand

Decorate your creative reading nook with artwork and wall décor, using our damage-free picture hanging products. Command™ Picture Ledges help create a modern look on your wall, without damaging your wall.

Materials Needed to Decorate a Creative Reading Nook:

  • Command™ Slate Picture Ledges

    – Picture Frames

    – Décor Items

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

How to Decorate a Creative Reading Nook

  • 1. Begin by deciding which of your picture ledge ideas you want to bring to life with your picture frames, artwork and décor. After determining your layout and wall placement, adhere the Command™ Picture Ledges to the wall. Consider using an unconventional arrangement by layering pieces on two picture ledges.

  • 2. After waiting an hour for the Command™ Picture Ledges to fully adhere, arrange your assorted pieces on each ledge to create a reading nook that reflects your personality.

  • 3. Make sure to follow all package instructions to ensure your artwork and décor is firmly secured to the wall. Remember, Command™ Picture Ledges can hold any items up to 5 pounds!

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