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Refresh your kitchen with these cute décor ideas
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Cozy Kitchen Inspiration

Command™ Brand

Looking to add warmth to your white kitchen? Mix cozy elements, such as framed family recipes, with copper accents for a fantastic visual pop. Copper’s glow pairs really well with dark Command™ Picture Ledges and Hooks, so integrate them into your décor. Complete the look with better under-the-sink storage for cleaning essentials.

Materials Needed

Materials needed:

Preserve family recipes with a frame and Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

1. Frame family recipes

Install pot and pan storage with Command™ Large Forever Classic Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Hooks

2. Hang lightweight pans

  • We love the visual sophistication of copper plus Command™ Large Forever Classic Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Hooks.

    Bonus tip: The hooks serve a damage-free organizing purpose, too. Even if you don’t have copper pans, you can still replicate this step to free up drawers and cabinets when kitchen storage is tight.

Place spices and cooking ingredients on a Command™ Slate Picture Ledge

3. Add open shelving

  • What spices do you use over and over again? Place those go-to ingredients on an easy-to-access Command™ Slate Picture Ledge. It’s a truly versatile product that can hold up to 5 pounds, so consider stacking multiple ledges to display cookbooks and other items.

Clean up your kitchen with the Command™ Homewares Collection

4. Organize under your sink

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