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 Quick and Easy Office Organization

Conquer Office Clutter

Chelsea McDonnough, Two Twenty One

Tired of the odds and ends that always seem to clutter up your office? Think vertically—as in the side of a shelf, the back of a door or even a wall. Damage-free Command™ Brand hooks and caddies easily corral headphones, scissors, calendars and doo-dads, and they won’t ruin your furniture or walls (no holes, sticky residue or stains). Even better, they can be used again and again.

Materials needed:


  • 1. Decide where you want to hang the Command™ Brand hooks and caddies in your office. Get creative! The revolutionary Command™ Clear Adhesive Strip can hold strongly on wood, tile, painted surfaces and more. This project was created on the side of a bookcase.

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  • 2. Place one Command™ Clear Small Hook toward the top of the bookcase to hang an easy-to-flip calendar. The hook is easy to apply and will blend in seamlessly with your room’s décor.

  • Clear Hook
  • 3. Adhere the Command™ Clear Medium Caddy and corral up to two pounds of office items (tape, clips, Post-it® Notes) and the Command™ Clear Large Caddy to hold larger items up to four pounds. Next, mount the Command™ Smartphone Station.

  • Clear Lightweight Products
  • 4. Still have some space? Put it to work by adding Command™ Small and Large Clear Hooks, following package instructions. Hooks are great for organizing items such as keys, ear buds and scissors.

    Enjoy your clutter-free office!

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