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Easily organize your closet in style, with Tim Gunn, using Command™ Products.
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Closet Cleanup

Our closets by design are intended to help us keep our various accessories, knick-knacks and other items in order. Nevertheless, over time closets and their contents can get a little chaotic. Command™ Products are versatile enough to bring order and organization to everything you keep in your closet, damage-free.

NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

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Step One: Separate Items by Type

  • Before getting into the finer details, take an inventory of your closet’s contents. Clear off a clean space close by, empty your closet and lay out your items. Next, separate these items into groups. For example, you might put jewelry in one pile, then assign scarves and mittens to another. This is also a perfect opportunity to declutter. If you know you’ll never wear it, donate it.

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Organize your handbags with Command™ Products.
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Step Two: Maximize Your Vertical Space

  • Closets contain a lot more usable space than the floor and shelving units. Command™ Products make all of a closet’s vertical space available for storage and organization. Choose a wall or even the inside of the door, and assign a category.

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Organize your scarves and jewelry with Command™ Products.
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Step Three: Put Command™ Products to Work

  • Command™ Products come in particularly handy during closet makeovers. Here is how we suggest using them:

    1. Command™ Medium Brushed Metal Hooks look great on your wall and can keep your handbags off the floor and easy to access.
    2. A Command™ Jewelry and Scarf Rack can keeps jewelry and necklaces out of the drawer, untangled and on display. You’re more likely to make use of your favorite accessories when you can see what’s available. If you have more jewelry than most, add a few Command™ Crystal Hooks to keep the aesthetic clean and consistent.
    3. The inside of your door is an excellent space to maximize your storage. It’s the perfect place to use Command™ Traditional Brushed Nickel Hooks to hang your scarves and belts.


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