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Classic Gallery Wall with a Twist

How to Create a Gallery Wall with Unique Frames and Decor

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Create a mixed media gallery wall for a unique twist on hanging frames, décor and canvas art. Read on for Command Picture Ledge ideas as well as design tips on how to hang your artwork with Command Canvas Hangers and Picture Hanging Strips. Hang your picture frames, canvas art and wall decor for a unique look without damaging your wall!

Unique Gallery Wall Materials Needed:

How to Create a Gallery Wall with Unique Frames and Décor:

  • 1. Begin by determining the layout of your gallery wall - arrange your picture frames, canvas art, and other decor on your floor.

  • Arrange Gallery Wall
  • 2. Once you decide on the layout you want, flip over each unique picture frame and apply Command™ Picture Hanging Strips to the backs of them. Then, adhere your unique picture frames onto the wall.

  • Adhere Picture Hanging Strips
  • 3. No need for nails to hang up canvases! Determine where on the wall you want to place your canvas art and use a pencil or chalk to mark the spot. Then, adhere Command™ Canvas Hangers to the wall, following your marks.

  • Hang Photos on Wall
  • 4. Mount a Command™ Picture Ledge to your wall to display smaller picture frames and other décor pieces adding up to no more than 5 pounds.

  • Hang Canvas
  • 5. Make sure to follow all package instructions to ensure your artwork and décor is firmly secured to the wall.

  • Slate Picture Ledge
  • 6. Finish off the look by using Command products to hang up other wall décor pieces to compliment your framed and canvas pictures.

  • Hang Other Wall Decor

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