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Bright & Merry

Bright & Merry

Brought to you by Command™ Brand & Ampersand Design Studio

For kids or kids-at-heart, Christmas is pure FUN! Bright & Merry captures the more playful side of the Holidays. It’s irreverent and punchy. Neon has made its resurgence in the past few years in home decor and it’s here to stay, now infiltrating Holiday decor, as well! These fluorescent tones are the brightest colors imaginable and can seem overwhelming when standing alone.

Mixing these neons with a neutral, whether it’s raw wood or kraft paper, gives it a new, more livable vibe. Color-blocking and color-dipping play a role in Bright & Merry as does the glossy feel of acrylic. Let the neon glow as bright as the tree lights.

  • Since we’re both moms of small kids, the best part of the Holidays for us is watching our children get excited about Christmas! Everything becomes magical when we see it through their eyes. We also see first-hand how hard it is for kids to wait until Christmas day so we love to make the time leading up to it fun, too! This is where a good advent calendar comes in! We’ve both done various advent calendars over the years that we fill with little gifts and activities to do as a family, so we thought we’d kick it up a notch and make our own this year!

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  • Bright & Merry 2
  • When we envisioned our take on an advent calendar, we knew the trend we wanted to tie in: neon and kraft. We are suckers for neon, especially when it’s combined with naturals. It made perfect sense for us to amp up the color for kids in a modern way.

  • We decided to use simple kraft boxes in a variety of sizes (nice because you can use any size boxes that fit your gifts), mini gift sacks and handmade envelopes (great for tickets or little notes).

  • Bright & Merry 3
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  • Our favorite Command™ Picture Hanging Strips really made this project come to life because we could attach our boxes to the wall in a Christmas tree shape, knowing they would come right off the wall with no marks after the Holidays (no way we would have done this wall installation with nails!). We hung it on the wall and just waited for our kids’ eyes to light up!

    Room accessories, garlands, tiny toys, and ornaments for this look was supplied by The Land of Nod.