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Give your bathroom an upgrade by getting organized with Command™ Products.
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Bath Organization Tips

A part of the house as personal as the bathroom should be personalized to your liking. Fortunately, Command™ Bath Products have you covered. They hold better than suction cups, include water-resistant strips for humid environments and they’re damage-free with no tools required. Follow these tips to turn the bathroom your house came with into the one you would choose.

NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

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Step One: Make a Morning Routine Station

  • No two morning routines are alike. You can customize your bathroom to work cleanly and efficiently according to the way you start your day. A Command™ Wall and Cabinet Organizer can hold your makeup, hairspray and other small items in one convenient place.

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Use Command™ Soap Dish and Command™ Bath Small Hook to keep all of your shower essentials within reach, damage-free.
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Step Two: Clear Your Bath

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Have a hand towel within reach in your bathroom, damage-free with Command™ Bath 9
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Step Three: Hang Up the Towels

  • Few things are as annoying as rinsing your hands after washing them and having to hunt for a towel. Place hand towels right next to the sink with a Command™ Bath 9” Hand Towel Bar.


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