1. Baby Shower Party Ideas
Baby shower party ideas

Baby Shower Party Ideas

Hosting a baby shower? Use these damage-free decorating solutions and party ideas to tackle planning and give your favorite mama-to-be the relaxing and joyful celebration she deserves.

What you need to throw a great baby shower

Baby Shower Decorating Materials Needed:

Hang paper lanterns and fans on Command™ Ceiling Hooks

1. Hang baby shower decorations

  • Dangling honeycomb paper lanterns, fans and pom poms at different heights can really help fill a vertical space—and the super-slick Command™ Ceiling Hooks make it all possible. Mix textures and colors to instantly add visual appeal above a food spread or gift table!

Set up a onesie decorating station

2. Set up games and activities

  • The best baby shower games and activities are the ones that can double as gifts for Mom. Consider diaper games, including timed challenges: who can change a diaper the fastest on a baby doll, blindfolded? And, incorporate art projects, such as decorating onesies or bibs with fabric paint. Bonus: Mom gets to keep the much-needed diapers and baby clothes.

Command™ Slate Spring Clips can hold decorated onesies

3. Use hooks as decor

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