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Storage solutions for small spaces

5 Essentials to Keep Your Small Space Neat and Tidy

If you live in an apartment, dorm or small home, chances are storage space is seriously lacking. Think vertically and put these game-changing Command™ Brand tools to work on the back of a door or inside a closet. Here’s how to keep cleaning supplies and other home essentials organized and out of the way.

What you need to get organized

Storage Materials Needed:

Hang a multi-purpose cleaner on a Command™ Spray Bottle Hanger

1. Keep spray cleaners at the ready

Keep a small towel on a Command™ Spring Clip

2. Add a small towel

  • Spills are inevitable. Keep a clean towel or microfiber cloth on a quick-release Command™ Spring Clip, and you’ll be ready to tackle messes as soon as they happen. Bonus points if you have roommates!

Stash a small ironing board on a Command™ Large Wire Hook

3. Make room for an ironing board

Keep a broom or small mop out of the way with a Command™ Broom Gripper

4. Give brooms and mops a home

  • The super-slick Command™ Broom Gripper makes storing brooms and mops easier than ever. No more awkward leaning in the corner.

Place soaps and cleaning accessories in a Command™ Cabinet Caddy

5. Stash soaps and accessories

  • When you don’t have a shelf to spare, incorporate a Command™ Cabinet Caddy for go-to soaps, detergents and brushes.


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