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Create A Super Organized Kitchen

5 DIY Projects to Make 1 Super Organized Kitchen

Command™ Brand with Apartment Therapy

These little hacks will help make order of such a utilitarian space. The star here is Command™ Hooks. They're lifesavers in the kitchen, especially if yours is the type that whether by choice or necessity embraces the stuff-as-decor organization plan. That's why we're super excited about the Command™ Brand Homewares Collection, which takes organizing a few steps further. Designed to hold everything from brooms to dish soap and sponges, all of these hangers, hooks, and caddies are inexpensive and good-looking. Here are five easy projects you can finish in an afternoon, no nails needed.

Create a Scrub Brush Station

Project #1: Scrub Brush Station

  • The point of this one is to rescue your scrub brush from its pool of gunk in a sink-side container. Get them up on the backsplash to air-dry with a couple Command™ Small Wire Hooks. The hooks work on tile and other surfaces — just make sure you're off the grout — so they're a simple but easy-to-install solution above a kitchen counter.

    (Almost all the Command™ Brand products install the same way, with adhesive strips that mount to the wall, then cleanly release when you're ready to take them down, so you won't damage walls.)

Install Command™ Broom Gripper and Caddies for a cleaning supply station.

Project #2: Cleaning Supply Station

Clean up the counter with under-sink sponge & soap caddies.

Project #3: Under-Sink Sponge & Soap Caddies

  • The best feature of the Command™ Sponge Caddy is the removable, washable drip tray. When you put wet sponges in it, the drain holes allow excess water to run out; the tray catches all the drippy mess then comes out for quick cleaning. Plus, when you pair it with the Command™ Under Sink Cabinet Caddy, it's easy to keep dish soaps and rubber gloves nearby and neatly organized.

Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

Project #4: Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

  • This is actually the Command™ Quartz Picture Ledge repurposed as a spice rack. It holds up to five pounds, and the narrow shelf with a little lip is perfect for displaying glass spice jars. You can also get it in Slate. It's a simple, modern accessory that's a lot more affordable than a designer spice rack.

    For an added kick, keep things in line with Command™ Dry Erase Message Center. Jot down quick reminders or fun messages on the dry erase board.

Pretty Pot Holder

Project #5: Pretty Pot Holder

  • One more use for the Command™ Small Wire Hooks: Put them up to hang pot holders near the stove. The hooks work on tile, paint, wood and other surfaces, as do the Command™ Spring Clips, which you can use to hold tea towels if you want to keep a couple by the sink.


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