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Be you in every hue. Limited Edition. A rainbow gradient background with limited edition products arranged in a pattern.

Craft Your Colorful Happy Space

Get to know the colorful side of Command™ Brand: introducing the latest limited edition color collection. Satisfy your décor cravings with six vibrant shades – Dragonfruit, Lavender, Aloe, Citron, Blueberry, and Clementine. Ideal for adding a pop of color to your dorm décor or sprucing up a small space, without the need for tools or damage to your walls.

  • Command™ Medium Hooks
    Command™ Medium Hooks
  • Command™ Small Wire Hooks
    Command™ Small Wire Hooks
  • Command™ Cord Clips
    Command™ Cord Clips
  • Command™ Mini Hooks
    Command™ Mini Hooks
  • Command™ Caddy
    Command™ Caddy
  • Be Fearless, Be Creative, Be You

    Bring your trendy, small room design ideas to life with splashy hues specially curated to elevate your space. Add string lights and a plant wall for extra flair or effortlessly hang keys and bags, all while preserving your walls. Stay organized and express yourself vibrantly without compromise.

  • Redefine Your Space with Color

    These limited edition hooks, caddies, and clips go beyond keeping things tidy — they transform the way you decorate. Swapping out your small space ideas to match your mood or the season no longer means damaging your walls. So, go ahead, be bold, reimagine, flip, and revamp whenever you please.

Introducing Six Vivid Shades — Available Now!

  • “dragonfruit”over an image of dragonfruit on a bright fuchsia background.
  • “lavender” over a lan image of a lavender sprig on a lavender colored background.
  • “aloe” over an image of aloe on a light green background.
  • “Citron” over an image of lemons on a bright yellow background.
  • “blueberry” over an image of blueberries on a dark blue background.
  • “clementine” over an image of a peeled clementine on an orange background.
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    Available In-Store at Lowe’s
An image with colorful medium hooks overlapping on the right side of the image.

Unlock Your Creativity with our Limited Edition Color Collection

Select colors available exclusively at Amazon, Lowe’s, and Target.