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Reese Regan holding her phone laying on a bed smiling at the camera, with various wall decor in the background.

Transform your dorm, damage-free.

Learn how Reese Regan and Southern Living maximize small spaces.

  • Express yourself and let your style stand out with discreet Command™ Clear Decorating Clips. The clear design blends in seamlessly, so toss out those thumb tacks. Add sparkle to your space with string lights, or keep cords organized, all without wall damage.

  • Do more with your dorm décor and get creative with Command™ Poster Strips. The adhesive strips hold securely to smooth surfaces and remove easily without leaving holes, marks, or sticky residue. Wall damage is no worry when inspiration strikes!

  • Make your small space more functional with Command™ Medium Designer Hooks. Hang bags, hats, backpacks, dog leashes, and more without using tools or nails, so there’s no regret when it’s time to reorganize.