Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum

Brought to you by Command™ Brand & Ampersand Design Studio

Pop the champagne! Sugar Plum embraces the fizzy, sparkly glitz of the Holiday season! As emerald tones have played a major role in the past, 2015 embraces a spectrum of lighter hues. Pastels are a surprising and refreshing twist on a Holiday palette!

Think blush, lavender and sky blue. Pastel pink is a big player and looks rich, mixed with metallics. And as we think of metallics for this look, keep in mind the whole range of matte gold, glittery bronze, and smooth rose gold!

  • One of the things we Ampersand girls love most about the Holidays, are the parties! Just put us in fancy outfits and throw some confetti around and we’re happy! Oh, and champagne. Can’t forget champagne! We knew that no holiday would be complete without throwing a party so we couldn’t wait to put together our dream soiree.

  • Sugar Plum 1
  • Sugar Plum 2
  • We knew it needed glitter and a pretty color palette so that’s where we started. We wanted something our girlfriends would go crazy for (pastels), but wouldn’t make our husbands feel anxious (throw in some deeper colors). So, we combined trend-forward pastels with some teal and plum, and added some mixed metallic, introducing a new theme: Sugar Plum.

  • We centered all the decor for the party around the bar (cart). We put together a cart full of festive drinks and decor (how fun is the ornament garland?) and built out from there.

  • Sugar Plum 3
  • Sugar Plum 4
  • And here is where Command™ Brand products are genius. We have loved Command™ products forever, but didn’t realize they had a whole collection of products designed specifically for throwing a party! There are a range of hooks specifically for hanging balloons or honeycombs from the walls and ceiling and others designed for hanging banners.

  • We love a good garland, but we wanted to do something we hadn’t seen before. This led to us combining all kinds of materials for a wall of different textures, colors and lusters draped in layers. We put a new twist on the awesome Command™ Party Banner Anchors and used them in layers to create this look. We used chunky yarn and even braided some with sequins for a surprising combo, cut paper and attached it to fishing line, and for our most unconventional component, we threw in some mylar strips from those shiny fringed door curtains you can get at party supply stores.

  • Sugar Plum 5
  • Sugar Plum 6
  • We love the way it turned out because it works great as a photo backdrop or just a conversation piece for people as they refill their glasses.

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