1. Mixed Media Garland Wall
Mixed Media Garland Wall

Mixed Media Garland Wall

Brought to you by Command™ Brand & Ampersand Design Studio

Garlands are a standard party decoration that we always use, but this time, we wanted to up the game! This handmade garland consists of all kinds of materials and textures that, when combined on the wall, give it a really rich, tactile feel! The mix of super-shiny metallic gold with textured paper and soft yarn is surprising and playful! We chose to drape the garland on the wall in an asymmetric way and let the ends fall onto the floor, but you can hang them any way you like! The whole point of a party is to have fun, so why not play with the party decor a little? Command™ Products make it easy and damage-free!

Materials needed:

  • Command™ Clear Medium Hooks

    – Command™ Party Banner Anchors

    – Scotch™ Precision Ultra Edge Titanium Scissors

    – Scotch® Quick Drying Tacky Glue

    – colored paper [we used a mix of pastels and rich colors]

    – thick yarn [we used two colors]

    – sequin strands

    – metallic gold mylar party door curtain

    – fishing line

    – a 1.25" circle punch [or any size you prefer]

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed

  • To Prep:
  • To Prep:

    Roughly estimate how long you would like each of your garlands to be.

    EXPERT TIP: We use a piece of tape on the floor to give us something to refer to as we are creating the pieces and assembling each garland.

  • Paper Garlands:

    1. Cut the fishing line to the desired length. Take your paper and either use the Scotch® Brand scissors or the hole punch for circle shapes and begin cutting! For the triangles, it helps to cut your paper in strips first and then cut the triangle shapes from there. For the rectangles, it’s fun to make them in various lengths! Keep in mind the length of garland you would like in the end and that each shape needs two pieces for the front and back.

  • Step 1 , Paper Garlands
  • 2. Starting at one end of the fishing line, glue two pieces of the same shape together with the fishing line in between. Make sure the glue overlaps the line, as well, so that the shapes will not be able to slide around. (For the half moon shape, you can use the circle punch and simply fold them in half over the fishing line).

    Continue until you have completed the length you desire.

  • Step 2, Paper Garlands
  • Gold Mylard Garland:

    1. Unfold the metallic gold mylar party door curtain. At the top, take your scissors and cut into approximately 2" strips. That's it! Ready to go!

    NOTE: For the length of garland we desired, we taped two of these sections together.

  • Step 1, Gold Mylard Garland
  • Braided Yarn & Sequins Garland:

    1. Cut the yarn into 5 equal length pieces. These pieces should be about 12” longer than your final desired length. Cut the sequin strand to the same length as your yarn.

  • Step 1, Braided Yarn & Sequins Garland
  • 2. Combine the 5 pieces of yarn with the sequin strand and tie a knot at the top. Above the knot, tape the group to a table or wall so it will hold secure if you pull on it. Divide the strands into 3 groups of two. One group will have a yarn piece and a sequin piece. The other two will have two pieces of yarn.

  • Step 2, Braided Yarn & Sequins Garland
  • 3. Braid them together! Make sure to keep them straightened out at the non-braided end so that they don’t become tangled.

  • Step 3, Braided Yarn & Sequins Garland
  • Final Step: Hang It All Up!

    1. For our wall, we made three groupings of hooks so that the garland made two sweeps across the wall but make however many groupings works for the look you are going for! Then, for each hanging point, we used three different hooks stacked on top of each other about an inch apart. We used a Command™ Clear Medium Hook on the top to hold the bulkier banners and two Command™ Party Banner Anchors below them.

  • Step 1, Final Step
  • 2. Drape the various versions of the Paper Garlands across the two Command™ Party Banner Anchors (two lower tiers).

  • Step 2, Final Step
  • 3. Cut additional single strands of yarn and cut them to the same length as the rest of your garlands for additional texture. Then, grab the bulkier garlands such as the Braided Yarn and Sequins garland and the thick yarn pieces and drape those on the Command™ Clear Medium Hooks (the top tier).

  • Step 3, Final Step
  • 4. Disperse the garlands evenly between the anchors and there you have it! A beautiful, mixed media garland wall! Nicely done!

  • Step 4, Final Step

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