1. DIY Halloween Spell Garland
DIY Halloween Spell Garland Hero

DIY Halloween Spell Garland

Chelsea Foy, Lovely Indeed

Put a spell on your guests or that special someone with this crafty Halloween banner, put up with damage-free Command™ banner anchors. Sweet!

Materials needed:

  • Command™ Banner Anchors

    – Cardstock

    – Scissors

    – Printer (optional)

    – Liquid glue or glue gun

    – Baker's Twine

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • DIY Halloween Spell Garland Materials


  • 1. Cut out all of your letters. If you like, you can print an outline of the letters on your cardstock and cut along the lines; if not, you can totally just freehand it. (It might be more Halloween-y that way!)

  • Cut out letters
  • 2. On the back of each letter, place a glue dot (of liquid glue or glue gun) at the top.

  • Place glue dots on letters
  • 3. Press the twine into the glue dots to adhere. Be sure you're putting your words on the garland in the right order!

  • Press twine onto glue dots
  • 4. Remove the blue liner and press the adhesive strip onto the back of a Command™ Banner Anchor.

  • Press adhesive onto Anchor
  • 5. Using rubbing alcohol, wipe down the wall where you'd like to hang your hook and let it dry thoroughly. Remove the black backing from the adhesive strip and press the hook into the wall, holding firmly for 30 seconds. Make sure to follow all package instructions.

  • Prepare and apply to area
  • 6. Wrap the ends of the twine from your garland around the hooks. You shouldn't even have to tie any knots -- the anchors will hold the twine right in place!

  • Wrap twine on anchors

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