Storied Walls

Storied Walls

Samantha Pregenzer, Simply Organized

Using Command™ Picture Hanging Strips and Mini Spring Clips, create a storied wall showcasing family memories from America’s pastime.

Materials needed:


  • 1. Clean surfaces with isopropyl alcohol where you will adhere the Command™ Brand products.

  • Clean Surface
  • 2. Arrange photo/wall decor gallery on the floor to plan out how you will place items on the wall. Play with different shapes and textures to create dimension.

  • Arrange Gallery
  • 3. Press Command™ Picture Hanging Strips together until you hear a click then remove one red liner and press firmly on the back of the frame.

  • Command™ Picture Hanging Strips
  • 4. Using a level, place the frames in desired locations on the wall, making sure each frame is straight. Apply pressure to wall frames for 30 seconds. Follow the instructions on the package and wait one hour before mounting frame.

  • Level Picture
  • 5. Follow the same instructions to hang the letter accent using Command™ Picture Hanging Strips.

  • Letter Accent
  • 6. To showcase memorabilia, use Command™ Mini Spring Clips to hang ticket stubs or photos. Add adhesive strip to mini spring clips and hold on desired location on the wall for 30 seconds.

  • Command™ Mini Spring Clips
  • 7. Complete the space by using Command™ Clear Medium Wire Hooks to hang baseball caps, as well as showcase additional sports equipment to create a decorative space fit for a baseball aficionado.

  • Baseball Cap

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