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Family Command Center – Back to School Organization

Family Command Center – Back to School Organization

Jamin & Ashley, The Handmade Home

With school just starting, it is the perfect time to kick it up a notch in the organization department by creating a Family Command Center! This useful project includes a calendar to keep track of it all and a chart for your kids to use to tackle their daily chores. A few tools, a bit of elbow grease, creativity and some Command™ Products to hang it all up is all you need do this stunning project and stay organized for the new school year!

Materials needed:

  • –  Command™ Small Clear Window Hooks - this project uses seven

    –  Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips

    –  Sheet of micro-density fiber board (MDF)

    –  Size: 3 feet by 5 feet ¼ inch thick

    –  Piece of plexi glass (1/16th inch thick)

    –  1 piece: 22” x 22”

    –  1 piece: 6” x 28”

    –  7 pieces: 5” x 12”

    –  2 paint colors – this project uses gold and white

    –  Drill

    –  Drill bits

    –  32 small screws – this project uses gold screws to match the paint

    –  Decorative stencil

    –  Decorative ribbon or twine

    –  Dry-erase marker

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed


  • 1. Take sheet of MDF and cut to the following sizes:

    –5 inches by 28 inches (one piece that will feature the days of the week, referred to as “days of the week”)

    –21 inches by 21 inches (one piece that will feature a monthly calendar, referred to as “monthly calendar”)

    –5 inches by 12 inches (seven pieces that will featured kids’ initials, referred to as “kids’ tags”)

  • Step 1
  • 2. Visit your local glass store to purchase pieces of plexi glass (1/16th of an inch thick) cut to the sizes listed above in the “Materials.” Designing the Monthly Calendar

    First paint the MDF monthly calendar piece white, then cut to 21 inches by 21 inches. Let the board dry. Then, position the stencil on the board in the desired place to create a decorative pattern on the background of the monthly calendar. Lightly paint around the stencil in gold to create an aged effect. Remove the stencil and let dry.

  • Step 2
  • 3. Drill holes into each corner of the monthly calendar, and screw the piece of plexi glass (21 inches by 21 inches) into the board.

    Use dry-erase markers to populate the monthly calendar, and update each month, adding events and tasks as appropriate.

    Paint the days of the week strip (MDF piece cut to 5 inches by 28 inches) white and let dry. Position the strip horizontally and divide the strip into 7 equal squares for each day of the week and paint every other square gold.

  • Step 3
  • 4. Once the paint dries, use a wooden letter stencil or any kind of scrapbooking materials to paint one letter (M, T, W, T, F, S, S) in each square on the days of the week strip. Then, distress each letter by wiping away at the paint when it is almost dry.

  • Step 4
  • 5. Once the paint dries, drill holes into each corner of the days of the week strip, and screw the plexi glass (5 inches by 28 inches) on top of the MDF of the same size.

  • Step 5
  • 6. Repeat step 3 to create the kids’ tags using the pieces of MDF cut to 5 inches by 12 inches, positioning the tags vertically.

    Repeat step 7 add an initial to represent each child in your family – we used A, E and M. Repeat step 8 to screw plexi glass to each kids’ tag. Then, drill a hole in the top of each kids’ tag, and tie decorative ribbon through each hole.

  • Step 6
  • 7. Clean the wall surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let dry.

    Depending on the weight of the calendar, determine how many Command™ Picture Hanging Strips you’ll need, per the recommendations on the packaging. For this project the calendar is 10 pounds, so either 4 sets of medium (holds up to 12 pounds) or 4 sets of large Picture Hanging Strips (holds up to 16 pounds) will hold it.

    Remove the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips from the package, and separate each strip. To form a set, connect two strips together until you hear a click.

    Remove one green liner and position one set of strips on the back of the monthly calendar. Press the strip firmly against the back of the monthly calendar. Repeat with the remaining strips needed to hang the calendar.


  • Step 7
  • 8. Remove the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips from the package, and separate each strip. To form a set, connect two strips together until you hear a click.

    Position the calendar on the wall, and press firmly against the wall for 30 seconds.

    Remove the calendar by grabbing the bottom corners and pulling up and out towards you. Wait one hour before re-mounting the calendar on the wall.

    To re-mount the calendar, press fasteners firmly together until they click.

    Mount the days of the week strip; again minding the weight of the strip and the number and size of Picture Hanging Strips needed to hold the strip.

    Take the Command™ Small Clear Window Hooks and Adhesive Strips out of the packaging, and detach the strips from one another. Remove black “wall side” liner, and apply strip to the desired location on the wall underneath the weekly strip. Press firmly along the entire strip for 30 seconds. This hook holds up to ½ pound – be sure your items are below this weight (or select a larger Command™ Hook that holds more weight).

  • Step 8
  • 9. Remove red liner from the adhesive strip on the wall, and apply the hook to the adhesive strip. Make sure the tab is accessible at the bottom of the hook for future removal.

    Position the hook onto the adhesive and press firmly along the entire hook for 30 seconds. Wait one hour before use.

    Repeat the step above for each of the hooks you put on your wall, also to hang the string across the top and display pictures of your kids with clothes pins.

    Start planning! From homework to chores around the house and everything in between, everyone can stay organized using your new calendar and weekly schedule. When tasks are completed, they can be wiped off the section of each board, and replaced with new assignments or activities.

  • Step 9
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