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Entryway Halloween Decorations

Entryway Halloween Decorations

Chelsea McDonnough, Two Twenty One

Beyond the outdoor décor, the entryway of your home is one of the first impressions you make on your guests. Dress it up this Halloween with festive décor perfect for ghoulish gatherings and spooky soirees.

Materials needed:

  • - Command™ Party Ceiling Hooks - this project used three

    - Command™ Party Banner Anchors - this project used two

    -  decorative bats - this project used three

    -  black cat banner - this project used one

    -  Entryway table

    -  Scissors

    -  Tape measure

    -  Clear fishing wire

    -  Halloween table decorations such as plastic spiders, decorative pumpkins, candelabras, feather boas, etc.

    NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials Needed


  • 1. To start, adhere 3 Command™ Party Ceiling Hooks to the smooth ceiling surface above the entryway table in a dispersed, random order. This will be what you hang your decorative bats from. Cut 3 pieces of clear fishing wire to different lengths and string one piece through each decorative bat. Hang one bat from each party ceiling hook.

  • Hanging Bats
  • 2. Measure the length of the entryway table using a tape measure. Cut the cat banner to fit the length of the table. To hang the cat banner, adhere 2 Command™ Party Banner Anchors, one on each side of the entryway table. Wrap each end of the cat banner around the party banner anchors a few times to secure it in place.

  • Cat Banner
  • 3. Enhance the table with additional decorations such as plastic spiders, decorative pumpkins, candelabras, feather boas, etc. to complete your Halloween entryway! Once the party is over, you can easily remove the Command™ Brand products without damaging the surfaces and re-use them when it’s time for the next celebration.

  • Additional Decor
halloween mantel fireplace decorating banner_anchors ceiling_hooks


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