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Double Duty Desk

Double Duty Desk

Katie Ward for Dormify®

Make the most of limited dorm room space by turning your desk into a dual purpose area to study and get ready for the day. Thanks to damage-free Command™ Brand, organizing and decorating your dorm room has never been easier!

Materials needed:


  • 1. Take advantage of your wall space by hanging up Command™ Clear Medium Caddies to hold items that normally would be taking up limited desk surface space. Designate one side of your desk for getting ready and the other for studying. On the beauty side, fill the caddy with items like make-up and nail polish and on the study side, use the caddies to hold small notebooks or planners.

  • Cosmetic Caddie
  • 2. Adhere Command™ Clear Small Caddies to your wall to organize items like make-up brushes and writing utensils.

  • Adhere Caddie
  • 3. Once you have finished organizing your study and beauty items, decorate your space by using Command™ Party Banner Anchors to hang up some fun tassel garland like the one used in this project.

  • Hang Garland
  • 4. Lastly, hang up inspirational posters with Command™ Poster Strips. For some added color, use Command™ Perfectly Pink Hooks to hold items like keys or sunglasses. Use Scotch® Expressions Washi Tape to add fun borders to your posters.

  • Wall After

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