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Dorm Room Reading Nook

Dorm Room Reading Nook

Bella Ly for Dormify®

Take some time out of your busy schedule to relax or do some personal reading. Create a calming reading nook in your dorm room by using Command™ Hooks to hang up a dimensional mobile and some inspirational drapery.

Materials needed:


  • 1. Begin by deciding where you want to hang up your drapery, then use a ruler or measuring tape and a carpenter’s level to determine where to mount the Command™ Designer Large Hook Brushed Nickel. Once you have mounted the hooks, wait one hour then hang up your drapery. Add string lights for mood lighting.

  • Large Hook
  • 2. Add some dimension to your nook by hanging a geometrical mobile from your ceiling with a Command™ Party Ceiling Hook. The clear design makes them practically invisible, so that the focus is on what you are hanging, not how it's hung up.

  • Geometric Mobile

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