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Modern themed decorated holiday wall in silver, gold and black colors.

Holiday Gallery Wall

Brought to you by Command™ Brand & Ampersand Design Studio

We all want to give our homes a little holiday makeover during the most festive time of the year but we don’t always want to feel committed to buying expensive decorations that we will feel like we have to put up year after year. That’s why creating your own holiday wall art is a perfect solution! We promise it’s easy and if you’d like, you can do new pieces each year!

In the example here, we created five total pieces including lettering, a snowflake, a holly pattern and a Christmas tree, but the possibilities are endless! The simple gold and black colour palette keeps the look modern and simple, so you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to paint! Plus, when using Command™ Strips and Hooks for hanging, there’s no need to stress about the perfect layout. Everything can be repositioned without damaging your wall!

Materials needed:

  • NOTE: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.

  • Materials needed for a holiday themed wall.


    1. Trim your paper down to the sizes of the frames you have chosen. Start painting! To create a tree art, make 4 or 5 swooping strokes out from the center of the page with black paint and finish it with one straight stroke from the middle for your tree trunk. Let the paint dry completely.
  • Woman painting an abstract Christmas tree using black paint.
    1. Add the second color of paint if you desire! For the tree artwork, we added gold ornaments which are simply little dots of gold on top of the black tree branches.

    EXPERT TIP: For lettering ideas, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to write. Don’t panic, pick a favorite Holiday song and write out the lyrics. Try writing in all capital letters for one and script in another!

  • Woman painting gold balls onto the abstract Christmas tree.
    1. After all the paint has dried, add your final pieces to the frames.
  • Woman painting Fa La La La in gold onto white paper.
    1. The final step is to hang your gallery wall! You can start by laying out the pieces on the ground to see how everything will fit together. Then using Command™ Picture Hanging Strips, put your first piece on the wall and build your display from there! Be sure to use the right Picture Hanging product for your frame.

    We like to start with the pieces on the bottom and build up. If you want to play around with different layouts, it’s so easy with Command™ Products. Simply remove and reposition.

  • Woman hanging hand painted pictures in gold frames onto a wall.
  • Step back and enjoy your holiday gallery wall!

  • Modern themed decorated holiday wall in silver, gold and black colors.
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