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A video still showing a young woman in a dorm room. Several posters and decorations are hung on the wall using Command™ Hooks.
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  • Dormitory Extraordinary

    Take the dorm by storm with Command™ Brand Products. Show off your personality and easily make your decorating and organizing ideas come to life with these damage-free products.

  • Dorm Room Décor Ideas — Damage Free!

    Looking for the best way to decorate a dorm room or small apartment? Make your new space your own with these easy DIY room decor ideas, including the best way to hang cardstock prints and posters without damaging artwork or walls!

  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Small Space Neat and Tidy

    If you live in a dorm room or apartment, chances are storage space is seriously lacking. Think vertically and put these game-changing Command™ Brand tools to work on the back of a door or inside a closet.

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 A dorm room with a chair, desk, and mini fridge. A tennis racket, towel, sweater, hats and other items are hung on the walls using Command™ Hooks.

Be back to school ready with Command™ Brand

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Organizing and decorating your study space or dorm room has never been more simple. Create a style that represents your personality and inspires you. This year for back to school, express yourself fearlessly with Command™ Brand, damage-free!

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Pull off the perfect look with help from these products

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A dorm room with a chair and desk. Towels, a map, purses, a hat and other items are hung on the wall with Command™ Hooks.

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Become inspired

Make it work with your favourite Command™ Brand products to make decorating quick and easy — no tools necessary.

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Organize and decorate your dorm fearlessly and share your creation with @commandcanada using

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