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The Command® Adjustables™ logo superimposed over a picture of a room decorated with various styles of bunting.

Get it just right.

Repositionable Damage-Free Hanging Solutions

Perfect is possible.

Creativity is full of last-minute adjustments. Get it just right with Command® Adjustables™ Products, a full line of repositionable hooks and clips designed for lightweight, temporary decorating and organizing — perfect for banners, pennants, string lights and more.

Third time’s a charm.

By miniaturizing our unique stretch technology and packing it into special hexagons, we created a versatile, peelable strip that can be applied with no tools, then repositioned and adjusted up to three times within the first 20 minutes — without losing holding power or damaging your walls. Now you get three chances to get it just right.

  • A table with a cake, party hats, goodie bags, and decorations.
    Easy on

    Pulling off the perfect party has never been easier. Command® Adjustables™ Products are repositionable up to three times within the first 20 minutes. Just apply and reposition.

  • A hand peeling a Command® Adjustables™ Repositionable Hook off of a wall.
    Easy off

    Party over? Slowly peel the Command® Adjustables™ Product upward from the wall to remove. Discard the used adhesive strip, and store hooks and clips back in their package for your next event. All packages come with enough strips for two uses.

Three icons of Command® Adjustables™ Repositionable Hooks labelled with the numbers 1, 2, and 3, with arrows between them.

How to use new Command® Adjustables™ Products:

  • An icon showing a hand removing a liner from an attach hook.

    Remove purple liner and attach hook.

  • An icon showing fingers pulling a hook from a sheet.

    Pull hook from sheet and place on wall.

  • An icon showing a repositionable hook, and the two positions it used to be in.

    Adjust as needed (up to 3 times within the first 20 minutes).

  • An icon showing a finger pressing on a repositionable hook.

    Press firmly for 5 seconds, and you’re done.

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