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Smart Ideas For Picture-Hanging

Picture Hanging Strips

Picture Hanging Strips

Change artwork easily with no damage.

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Large Metal Hook

Black Picture Hanging Strips

Command™ Black Picture Hanging Strips come in various sizes, perfect for all your darker frames.

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Quartz Double Hook

Sticky Sawtooth Nail

Hang frames, artwork and other objects with sawtooth hardware using a Command™ Sticky Sawtooth Nail.

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Sawtooth Sticky Nail Hanger

Wire-Backed Picture Hanger

Hang your pictures with no nails and no damage with Command™ Wire-Backed Picture Hangers.

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Ratings & Reviews

Command™ Black Large Picture Hanging Strips

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Perfectly Stuck
I did a whole wall of photos, Art Gallery style with this product and it looks and worked out wonderfully!

~ WallGalleryProjects, Cleveland, OH

Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Wonderful Alternative to Nails
My office was recently painted. As a result, we were not allowed to put holes in the wall for pictures. I found these little gems! They have made my office beautiful as they are holding all of my pictures, including my diplomas! Thanks for a great product!

~ LucyLoo, Tennessee

Command™ Narrow Picture Hanging Strips

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Great Alternative to Nails!
I have been so frustrated since I moved into my new apartment. All the plaster walls are so hard, that I kept bending nails. I don't have a drill, so I couldn't dill holes for the nails or screws, so I started using the 3m Command product. They have saved the day. I have been able to hang clocks, pictures and even the new thermostat I installed. It's so much easier than nails! And there is no mess of cracked plaster or sore thumbs from when I miss this nail!

~ JasonS, Chicago, IL

Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Moving Help
My family and I recently moved from Nevada to Arkansas. In the process we went from owning our home to renting. I had tried some of the other 3M Command products with good results, so when I realized that I didn't want to ruin walls in a rental I picked up a few packages of the Command picture strips. A couple of hours later all of our personal items were hanging without a single hole! Now our new house feels like home and I don't have to worry about losing our deposit when we take everything down. Thanks 3M!

~ thenonowoman

Command™ Large Picture Hanging Strips

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Excellent Products for simple organization
I love all command products so I thought that I would try these picture strips instead of nails and no more damage to my walls I just repainted. They worked excellent, so fast and easy to use, even my kids use them and you cannot even tell the difference, except for that these strips allow my husband and kids to bump into my pictures without them falling off the hooks or nails!! Now I am able to hang pictures lower than before without the fear of them getting knocked off the walls and breaking. These strips also hold my shutter letter sorter that I created and I have even used them for arts and crafts. My kids want more and so does my husband. My husband wants to use your products to organize his building and workshop. I cannot thank you enough for these wonderful products. My whole family thanks you for helping us get more organized!!!!

~ Commandmom

More Smart Tips

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"I used to use nails to hang pictures—and if I didn't like where I put it, I'd have a hole to fill in when I moved the picture. Now I use Command™ Sticky Sawtooth Nails and I can move them around to my heart's content."

"The black Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are great on my dark walls. You can't see them at all."

"I have a collection of framed postcards, and I wanted to hang them all together. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips made it so easy. I just snapped them up."