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Smart Ideas For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can be as organized and beautiful as mine.
Clear Medium Caddy

Clear Medium Caddy

Keep your favorite spices close by with this Command™ Caddy

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Store the cleaning supplies you use most often in a Command™ Caddy mounted under the sink

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Fridge Clips

Fridge Clips

Attach invitations, lists, bills and kid's artwork to the refrigerator with Command™ Fridge Clips.

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Designer Medium Hook

Designer Medium Hook

Save space and hang a dustpan from a Command™ Designer Hook inside a cabinet door.

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More Smart Ideas

"I wanted to use the space between my refrigerator and the wall for something. I stuck some Command™ Wire Hooks to the refrigerator and hang my mops, brooms and dustpan there."

"These metal hooks by the door keep the dog leash and an umbrella handy. And I didn't have to drill into the wall to do it!"

How do you use Command™ Products? We'd love to hear about your project or idea.

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Ratings & Reviews

Command™ Fridge Clips

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Command Clear
I used to use magnets on my fridge to hold my son's artwork. But everytime i turned around he was pulling the magnets down. With command clear he cannot get his artwork off the fridge anymore. Score Mom 1, son 0.

~ KellyF

Command™ Utensil Hooks

Product Ratings - 5 Stars An Awesome Kitchen Helper
I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE these utensil hooks. The make finding my spatulas & big spoons so much easier than having them all crammed in a drawer. They are such a helpful & easy device to use!

~ RiverQueen, AL

Command™ Medium Organizer

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Kitchen Helper
I have tried for years for the perfect solution for containing my soap pads, etc. around the kitchen sink. Dishes, little trays, nothing worked and usually ended up getting knocked into the sink. The clear medium organizer mounted on the back splash behind the sink not only keeps them handy they have never fallen into the sink. I love it!!

~ BrucesMom, MI

Command™ Clear Large Cord Clip

Product Ratings - 5 Stars So helpful in every room, & easy to move/reuse!
They keep my kitchen appliance cords neat and tidy at my counters, making clean-up a breeze.

~ FireWillow, IN

Command™ Utensil Hooks Value Pack

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Kitchen Organization
I am always searching for my measuring cups and measuring spoons. I decided to hang them on the inside panel of my baking cabinet door. Since I didn't want to damage the wood cabinet door, these small Command wire hooks were the perfect solution! They mounted easily to the inside cabinet panel. No mess, no fuss! Plus the hooks narrow size easily fits the cups and spoons manufactured holes! Now my baking is fun and fast because I can always find the utensil I need! Using these Command hooks helped me to organize my utensils and bring me one step closer to obtaining my perfect dream kitchen!

~ Parker, Atlanta, GA

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