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Smart Ideas for Your Bedroom

I help keep the bedrooms orderly with great ideas using Command™ Products.
Traditional Brushed Nickel Finish Hook

Traditional Brushed Nickel Finish Hook

Hanging up hoodies is no problem with these Command™ Hooks. And no damage to your walls!

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Clear Utensil Hooks

Clear Utensil Hooks

Organizing bedrooms is a snap! Clear Wire Hooks from Command™ Brand are great for keeping jewelry, belts and scarves tidy.

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Photo Clips

Photo Clips

Decorating bedrooms can be a breeze: Hang photos with Command™ Photo Clips, which won't damage walls or headboards.

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Clear Medium Hook

Clear Medium Hook

Keep bedrooms or dorms tidy by hanging backpacks on a Clear Hook.

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More Smart Ideas

"I put up one Command™ Caddy for each of my three kids. When they get home from school, I put notes, permission slips and all their other school stuff there."

"We mounted a Recharging Station near my son's desk. He uses it when he's charging his mp3 player, plus it helps him keep track of it!"

"Our daughters decorate with posters of their favorite bands. Of course, there is a new favorite every week, so we use Poster Strips to keep up with the trends."

How do you use Command™ Products? We'd love to hear about your project or idea.

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Ratings & Reviews

Command™ Small Picture Hanging Strips

Product Ratings - 5 StarsThese are a must have!

I bought some of these for hanging pictures in my kids room. I couldn't be happier. They are absolutely fabulous. They work exactly as promised and don't ruin the freshly painted walls.

~ Mamatellie, St Paul, MN

Command™ Medium White Hook

Product Ratings - 5 StarsMedium Hook - Easy Hook for Children

These are used in every room of my house. The kids can use them all by themselves to hang up their personal items in their bedrooms and in the basement to show off their awards. Expecially when they want to rearrange their rooms, it is easy to take down and put up with a new sticky backing any where they want, without bothering me! Great product!

~ tapster, USA

Command™ Utensil Hooks

Product Ratings - 5 StarsGreat for dress up

I like these to hang up they accesories to my kids dress up area. Hang their swords, purses, hats etc. on these hooks.

~ handywoman, Las Vegas, NV

Command™ Poster Strips Value Pack

Product Ratings - 5 Stars Works great my kids love these, they can rearange their room anytime and in just about anyway they want

~ tinker, Kentucky

Command™ Clear Small Hook

Product Ratings - 5 StarsI love these!

I use the small clear hooks for EVERYTHING! I use them in my pantry, my children's room, and for all of my holiday decorations. We are a miitary family and these make moving so much easier and stress free. Every house we live in is different and I can adjust to fit any space with these hooks. The when it is time to move we take them down and we are good to go. This is a mess free and extremely easy way for our family to make a 'home' whereever we happen to be. I can't not live with out these!

~ rcas13, Fort Hood, TX

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